Monday, 17 December 2018

Muddugare Yashoda - Annamacharya Sankeerthana Lyrics

Keerthana : Muddugare Yashoda
Raagam : Kuranji

Muddu gare Yashoda mungita muthyamu veedu
Diddaraani mahimala Devaki suthudu

Anthanintha gollethala arachethi manikyamu
Panthamaade Kamsuni pali vajramu
Kaanthula moodu lokala Garudapachhaapoosa
Chenthala malonunna Chinni Krishnudu

rathikeli rukhminiki rangumovi pagadamu
mithi govardhanapu Gomedhikamu
sathamai Shankhachakrala sandula vaidhooryamu
gathiyai mammu gAche Kamalakshudu

kalinguni thalalapai gappina pushyaragamu
yeleti Sri Venkatadri Indraneelamu
paalajalanidhilona bayani Divya ratnamu
baaluneevale dirige Padmanabhudu



  2. great song composition by Annamayya. covered the lord Krishna name in all the stanzas last word, each stanza compiled and compared with 9 different Ratnas(stones/jewels) and praising.
    Oh Annamayya! please bless us to understand more and more your lyrics for lords enjoyment.

  3. What is the meaning of this song? Could you please post?

  4. ord Venkateshwara is compared with precious gems in the form of Krishnavatar Leelas. Mother Yasoda is kissing the Bala Krishna (muDugare yasODa) and he is submerged in her kisses like in a tub of pearls (mungidi muTyamu). Like a ruby (mAnikyam) he is shining and for kamsa the demon he is strong as a diamond(Vajram). His consort RugminiÕs lips are like Coral (pagadam). When he is Govarda Giridhari, he is like gOdEDiga (a brown stone). He is wearing vaidUryam (another precious stone) in between his sanku and chakra. When he is dancing on the head of kAlinga, the serpant king, he glows like pushyaraga (yellow sapphire) and when he is Lord Venkateshwara, he is like indra nIlam (blue sapphire). On the whole he is like all the precious gem stones, always helping the devotees.

  5. Hello all
    I would like to point out that in charanam 2 the last line there is a mistake which is that gache is supposed to be gacheti and also in last charanam the third line there is not a mistake but for easier pronunciation please change bayani to baayani

    Thank you very much for taking this in consideration

    1. while singing in variation it wont suits for tune i heard many singers singing like as above just check once again pls

  6. Very nice song