Tuesday 6 September 2022

Annamacharya Lyrics - Pidikita Talambrala Pendli Kuthuru

Keerthana : Pidikita Talambrala
Raagam : Sri Ragam

pidikita thalambraala pendli koothuru kontha
pedamarane navvene pendli koothuru

perugala javaraalee pendli koothuru
pedda peruna muthayala meda pendli koothuru
perantandla nadimi pendli koothuru
vibhu peru guchhu siggu pade pendli koothuru

birudu pendamu vette pendli kuthuru nera
birudu magani kante pendli kuthuru
piruduri nappude pendlikuthuru pathi
perarechi nidivo pendlikuthuru

pettene pedda thurumu pendli koothuru
nedu pettedu cheeralu katte pendli koothuru
gattigaa venkatapathi kougitanu
vadi nettina nidaanamaina pendli koothuru


  1. can anyone explain the meaning of this beautiful song...

    1. When talambralu (holy yellow rice) were showered on bride Alamelu Manga’s head by the bride groom, Venkatapati, she shyly turned her head aside and smiled.

      The bride is known for her youthful grace. Her pearl-like building is famous. The bride is sitting amidst the invited ladies. She felt shy to utter her husband’s name.

      She wore rich anklets and surpassed her husband in attraction. The bride and bridegroom were sitting very close.

      The bride decorated her hair with a long flower garland. She wore a variety of saris. She is the treasure in the embrace of Sri Venkatapati.

  2. this song is sung by annamacharya prasing alivalu manga during her marriage with lord venkateshwara

  3. 1st para : alivalu maga as a bride groom ... just turned a side and given a beautiful smile..

  4. charanam1: the bride alivalu manga is like a beautiful necklace.. her necklace is as beautiful as a tall buliding. She is sitting in between the lady's who attended the marriage. While take the name of lord venkateshwara she feels shy.

  5. ఈ పాట భావం తెలియపరచండి