Saturday, 10 September 2011

Indariki Abhayambu Ichu Cheyi Annamacharya Sankeerthana Lyrics

Keerthana : Indariki Abhayambu
Ragam : mishra chappu - Harikambhoji

Indariki abhayambulichhu cheyi
Kanduvagu manchi bangaru cheyi

velaleni vedamulu vedaki techhina cheyi
chiluku gubbali kindha cherchu cheyi
kaliki yagu bhookaanta kougalinchina cheyi
Valanaina konagolla vadi cheyi

tanivaoka bali cheta danamadigina cheyi
onaranga bhoodaana mosagu cheyi
monasi jalanidhi yammumonaku dechhina cheyi
yenaya nagelu dhariyinchu cheyi

purasatula maanamulu pollasesina cheyi
turagambu barapedi dodda cheyi
tiruvenkatachala dheeshudai maokshambu
teruvu pranula kella telipedi cheyi


  1. Would appreciate if you could also include the meaning of these Keerthanas. It is easier to teach kids if it is understandable.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Meaning:
      It is this hand that protects everyone.
      It is the hand of the savior
      This hand is not only golden and shiny
      it is also beautiful and graceful

      It is this hand that searched and brought the
      submerged precious Vedas from the sea.
      It is also the hand that is holding his beautiful
      mate's chin in order to console her.
      He is the one who is embracing ever graceful earth
      Don't be mistaken, it is also the hand that
      has sharp long nails which can kill the demons.

      This is the hand that begged king Bali for the gift
      This is the same hand that gave the entire earth as the gift
      This is the hand of the man that bought the sinking
      Mandara mountain to the top and held it on his back.
      It is the hand that carries all the weight of the universe and
      saves lives from everyday suffering.

      It is the hand that saved hundreds of women's honor
      It is the brave hand that rides the fierce horse
      It is the hand of God Venkateswara
      who is the lord of the sacred place, Venkatachala
      that gives the salvation to all the life forms

  2. Just heard it yesterday superb rendition of this song

    and yes please provide the meaning.